To My Love
My dreams that only yesterday
No magic could renew,
Are quick with vibrant life today—
And all because of you.
Could I have guessed so brief a time
Would make my heart your own,
I would have stilled my waking dreams,
And gone my way alone.
But now tis borne upon my mind,
And more than I can bear—
That you should know another life
Beyond my power to share.
Oh, I could bear with better grace,
Could I assured be-
That you would keep a little place
Within your heart for me.
Mabel E. Plaskett.
Mabel Plaskett
Author Mabel Plaskett

Mabel Sans Plaskett was born in Coralitas near Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountain area of California. Her father Edward Robert Sans ran a saw mill near Pacific Valley, along the Nacimiento – Ferguson road to the coast at Highway One. It was there she met Edward Abbott Plaskett, her husband. Mabel wrote about the coast and the pioneers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.