About the Plaskett.Family Site and Curator

I am Bill Alderson, Mabel and Ed Plaskett’s grandson through their youngest daughter, Marianne Plaskett Alderson.

Who is Bull Plaskett? Uncle “Cy” Cyril Plaskett nick-named me “Bull” so I use the pen name of “Bull Plaskett”.

Spent much of my growing up on the coast with my grandparents so it’s in my DNA and experience.

Much of this has come from my grandmother’s writings which I am putting together as a collection.

You may login using your Facebook profile so you can send me messages and files and comment on posts. We only accept files from people we can legally identify and are bound by Facebook’s posting standards instead of doing our own and giving you yet another “login”. Just use Facebook to login. You can search for your name in the members list or in the details. You can click on the Book icon and see details, you can click on the tree icon and see you in the tree. It will get better as you participate.

I’ve put together a genealogy with over 700 members of the Plaskett family and derivative lines above both Mabel Sans and Edward Plaskett and their descendants. Much still to do. If you see something wrong, you may send me a note, add a file with a story, or picture of any kind, which I will add to the collection. I really need your help. You can make this better.

We need old pictures. Simply take a pic of your pic with good lighting without glare with your cell phone, connect to the site and upload it to the appropriate page or to this page with instructions. Always need dates, DOB, Place and full maiden names. We need original photos of what you may find here and better versions of them! Please help us get this looking great for generations to come.

Encourage your school age kids to see where they fit, and if they are not reflected, get their full information to me so I can put it into Ancestry.com and then export new revisions into this site.

You can click on the articles and Nana will read them to you… not really, it’s a computer voice that is barely tolerable, but hey it’s free right?

“It is unwise to scrutinize the masticating apparatus of a donated equine.” There is another phrase that’s easier… what is it?

Photos from many borrowed sources, Articles written by Mabel Plaskett from Rustler The Land

Unless otherwise provided (c) Bill Alderson

Bill Alderson aka Bull-Plaskett
Bill Alderson aka Bull Plaskett