To Mary Kirwan
Mary Kirwan since your visit,
Although I’ve been lonely too,
I’ve been happy living over
Those brief joyous hours with you.
Mary Kirwan, I can see you
With your eager eyes of blue,
Golden hair so softly curling
And the laughing lips of you.
I can not, in this poor effort,
Tell of all your baby charms—
Best of all the dear caresses
Of your tiny tiny arms.
How I love your baby softness
Close against my heart to hold,
And the comfort that it gives me
Mary Kirwan, can’t be told.
For the mind is prone to ponder
On a burden borne alone,
But your smile assuaged the anguish
Of a sorrow all unknown.
Like an angel straight from heaven,
Life a ray of sunshine bright,
Mary Kirwan, now I know you
I am happier tonight.
Mabel E. Plaskett,
January 4, 1927.
Mabel Plaskett
Author Mabel Plaskett

Mabel Sans Plaskett was born in Coralitas near Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountain area of California. Her father Edward Robert Sans ran a saw mill near Pacific Valley, along the Nacimiento – Ferguson road to the coast at Highway One. It was there she met Edward Abbott Plaskett, her husband. Mabel wrote about the coast and the pioneers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.