Prince Charming
Though for days has the last dance been over
My strong will is playing me false.
For still in my mind I discover
The strains of that last haunting waltz.
And why should the melody haunt me
Each thought of it thrill me anew?
And why do I dream of the dancer
Except that I danced it with you.
I know I am pledged to another
I know that my loved one is true,
And yet for some reason or other
I find myself thinking of you.
Nor am I alone in my pining—
There are several others as well,
Who hope you won’t think them designing
Because they fell under your spell.
My modern ideas I’ve flaunted
Insisting “flirtation” no harm
And now when I’m not even wanted
Succumb to your soft spoken charm.
We all know your love for another
Of her beauty we make no denial—
So we gracefully say “adieu, Brother”,
And bow to our fate with a smile.
Mabel E. Plaskett,
“Apologies to Byron”.
Mabel Plaskett
Author Mabel Plaskett

Mabel Sans Plaskett was born in Coralitas near Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountain area of California. Her father Edward Robert Sans ran a saw mill near Pacific Valley, along the Nacimiento – Ferguson road to the coast at Highway One. It was there she met Edward Abbott Plaskett, her husband. Mabel wrote about the coast and the pioneers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.