All up and down our valley,
Airplanes of every make,
Like giant birds of commerce,
Their daily passage take.
We see them flying singly,
Across the azure sky,
Or groups of them together
Like geese, wedge flying by.
And watching, we are with them,
Our hearts and souls as one,
And all the best that’s in us
Is reaching to the sun.
When school days are forgotten,
Our laurels hardly won,
Our hopes and our ambitions
Will still go soaring on.
Where will the evening find us?
Fearing to take the flights,
Or on the wings of progress,
Soaring to greater heights.
Gordon Plaskett, ‘30
Gordon Plaskett
Author Gordon Plaskett

Gordon Laurence Plaskett was Mabel and Ed Plaskett’s eldest son. When it comes to writing and prose the fruit did not fall far from the tree… as you will see with his writings.