To Uncle Charley On His Birthday
Comes a day to bring us pleasure
Rain or storm or any fate
Will not keep us from “The Topo”
Your birthday, to celebrate.
Riding in a state of rapture
Through the floral fields we sing
There is no place so delightful
As “The Topo” in the spring.
Here is Nature, full and varied
Blue of mountain, green of plain.
And the myriad wildflower colors
Bid us pause to look again.
We will find you, never idle-
Calm, courageous, worldly wise,
And a tender smile of welcome
Lightens up your eager eyes.
And a merrier companion
Nowhere, ever, can we find,
For the years have added kindness
To a heart already kind.
Ever kind and understanding,
I remember as of old
How your generous heart expanded
Every urchin to enfold.
As the past transcends the present,
In my musing reveries
From that long ago comes drifting
Sweet nostalgic memories.
So we wish you “Happy Birthday”,
As your fruitful autumn nears
And we hail the valiant Spirit
Touched so lightly by the years.
Mabel E. Plaskett,
March 29, 1941.
Mabel Plaskett
Author Mabel Plaskett

Mabel Sans Plaskett was born in Coralitas near Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountain area of California. Her father Edward Robert Sans ran a saw mill near Pacific Valley, along the Nacimiento – Ferguson road to the coast at Highway One. It was there she met Edward Abbott Plaskett, her husband. Mabel wrote about the coast and the pioneers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.