Between the river and the town
A high school building of renown
Stands proudly and exultantly
Beside the highway, broad and free.
Its arching lines, its roof of tile,
It’s patios where maidens smile
Bring to ones memory again
The haunting tales of ancient Spain.
The broad expanse of velvet lawn
A welcome sight to look upon,
Where many various shrubs suggest
A place for birds to build their nests,
And where the western windows seem
To catch the sinking sun’s last gleam,
A special garden one may see
Where students learn Biology.
Within these vast impressive walls
The students come when learning calls.
And many a pupil finds it hard
Until confronted with his card
To realize, with due regard,
That study brings its own reward.
In each of us there should abide
A feeling of the deepest pride
To know our school has stood the test
And stands out proudly with the best.
And all of one accord should strive
A “spirit” true to keep alive,
That all who learn and labor here,
Find a congenial atmosphere.
So to our teachers, one and all,
And to my comrades great and small
And to our High School for all time,
I dedicate this simple rhyme.
Gordon Plaskett
Gordon Plaskett
Author Gordon Plaskett

Gordon Laurence Plaskett was Mabel and Ed Plaskett’s eldest son. When it comes to writing and prose the fruit did not fall far from the tree… as you will see with his writings.